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"Regenerate by design, rather than degenerate by default"

~ Dr. Robyn Benson

Reverse Aging Naturally with 

Regenerative Medicine

Is it time to regenerate by design instead of degenerate by default? Register above for the Benson Regenerative Protocol: The Seven Step Foundation to Regeneration!

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Boost Life Expectancy

Dr. Benson has spent her entire life researching just this. As founder of  a healing center in Santa Fe where she has employed over 50 full time health specialists to contribute to the quest for longevity and has travelled the globe seeking out and fine tuning rejuvenation remedies.

Renew Your Youthful Fire

Dr. Benson has noticed when the 7 regenerative foundations are applied to an individual, they experience a renewal of a youthful fire which she has coined the Benson Regenerative Protocol. The fast class goes into detail about each the step and gives you helpful tips you can apply today.

Revive Your Sexy Spark

This Golden Spark is available to all that are willing to take the time to learn and put in some effort.  There has been a lot of advancements in the field of understanding our bodies so through different types of scientific testing and guidance, we have proven that our methods work.

Meet Dr. Robyn Benson 

With a background in regenerative medicine, Dr. Robyn Benson has spent the last 30 years seeking out and fine tuning cell restoration remedies from all corners of the world. She has collected elixirs of youth therapies and treatments including including acupuncture, PRP, Prolozone®, IV therapies for her cutting edge healing center, the Santa Fe Soul Center for Regenerative Medicine.


A graduate of the University of Virginia with a B.S. in Sports Medicine, she began studying Chinese medicine in 1989.  She is a recent empty-nester of two children, an adventure enthusiast, world traveler, author, speaker and activist for social change.  Her personal experience with post-menopause has made her diligent in finding solutions for both men and women to regain their youthful, golden spark. 


Robyn is known by many to be the health detective with life-changing solutions. She is now focusing onto what she calls her legacy... to help change the face of health care, through her regenerative medicine practices.  Finally, Dr. Robyn has also authored a best selling book, Travel with Vitality7 Simple Solutions to Sleeping Well, Staying Fit and Avoiding Illness While on the Road.


Take a Sneak Peek...

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This introduction video is only two minutes long and gives you a taste of how easy it is to educate yourself on how to regenerate your body, reawaken your brain and re-stimulate your sex drive.  

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Praise for Benson Regenerative Protocol

I'm 50 years old and I never knew what regeneration was and how it could help me until I watched Dr. Robyn's fast class. I'm a total CONVERT!! I started working with her and she completely changed my life by developing new healthier eating habits and using therapies to strengthen my organs and hydrate my skin. Today I'm thinking more sharply and I can focus for longer.  And...I've never had better sex in my LIFE!!!

Stacey L

Entrepreneur and Activist 

I was impressed with Dr Benson's spot-on assessment of my health needs and treatment plan to restore my health. In addition, I especially appreciate how quickly she was able to pinpoint my most significant stressors and to develop management solutions for those stressors.

Tracy Hoffman

42 Year Old Working Mother of Two.


Dr Robyn Benson is one of the outstanding experts in integrative medicine in the U.S., and she has spread her wisdom worldwide.




Larry Dossey

MD and International Bestselling Author

Today I am healthy, don't need medicine, have lost 20 pounds and am spiritually and emotionally well on my way to recovery. Dr Robyn Benson is the most intuitive and generous healers I have encountered. Not only did she save my life, she has become a part of it.



New Mexico

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