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in the body you've always desired.




Your Gorgeous Journey to Reinvention Begins Today!

Dr. Robyn Benson has helped 1000's of women look and feel 10 years younger, starting at any age.

People say that aging is a natural process.  Guess what, so is regeneration. Regaining your youthful glow and feeling sexy in the body you’ve always desired without surgery and weeks of recuperation is what we do at Santa Fe Soul Center for Regenerative Medicine.

" I felt hopeless and really helpless, like no doctor is there for me, no doctor understands me.  As soon as Dr Robyn examined me, she knew exactly what is going on!  She injected PRP into some of the ligaments and knew exactly how things pull together and it was notable the very first time I had the treatment, I went back again, a couple more times and it's just been better and better ever since I am incredibly, incredibly grateful "



Author, The MindBody Toolkit

Do you feel your life slipping through the sands of time?

Do you experience

Low Energy, Brain Fog &  Zero Desire?

Have you spent the last few decades taking care of everyone else
and too busy to notice that your body got neglected along the way? 


It's a bitter pill to swallow thinking you finally have the freedom to live your life, but when you look in the mirror, you catch yourself saying, 


"Did aging finally catch up with me?"

"I'm really starting to look like my mother!"


Stop feeling guilty or ashamed...

You were a little busy these last few years.

Your priorities when you were younger are not the same as your needs today.  It's just not fair that you had to choose to build a solid career and raise a family perhaps at the expense of your body and your youth.  


Why can't you have both?


Imagine that you no longer have to accept that aging means looking old with less vitality, lack of energy, weight gain, brain fog and zero desire to have sex again.


How would you feel
if you knew your best days were ahead of you?



There is a way to optimize the age you are 


so you can feel the freedom and vitality of your younger self.


Transform with Dr. Robyn Benson 

"Don't Degenerate by Default, Regenerate by Design!"

 Dr. Robyn Benson has seen over a hundred thousand patients and trained dozens of physicians in the art of regeneration, so she knows what to do to help patients look and feel their very best.  


She has spent the last 30 years seeking out and fine tuning cell restoration remedies from all corners of the world, collecting elixirs of youth therapies and treatments.  She practices acupuncture, PRP, Prolozone®, IV therapies all at her cutting edge healing center, the Santa Fe Soul Center for Regenerative Medicine.


A graduate of the University of Virginia with a B.S. in Sports Medicine, she began studying Chinese medicine in 1989.  She is a recent empty-nester of two children, an adventure enthusiast, world traveler, author, speaker and activist for social change.  Her personal experience with post-menopause has made her diligent in finding solutions for both men and women to regain their youthful, golden spark. 


Dr. Robyn is known by many to be the health detective with life-changing solutions. She is now focusing onto what she calls her legacy... to help change the face of health care, through her regenerative medicine practices.  Finally, Dr. Robyn has also authored a best selling book, Travel with Vitality7 Simple Solutions to Sleeping Well, Staying Fit and Avoiding Illness While on the Road.

"Dr. Robyn did an intuitive tune in and was able to reflect back to me some things that were going on on a deeper level and she was spot on!  She knew intuitively what I needed and backed it up with tests to get down to the root cause of my symptoms"



Author, Influencer of the WOW Factor


Client names are changed to protect the privacy of our guests.

Jenny used to have so much fun fooling people about her age. From the Uber driver to the Nordstrom clerk, whenever she admitted she was 50, she would be met with the same astonished reaction. "NO WAY... you look amazing!" Especially as a newly divorced woman, this response always gave her an adrenaline rush.


But when she turned 52, something shifted. 


She wasn't sleeping well at night leaving her with less energy during the day. She stopped doing yoga because she lacked endurance and her frequent incontinence. When she looked in the mirror, she recognized her Mom and felt the weight of her age finally catching up with her.  Most of all, she didn't feel sexy anymore and her disinterest in sex was potentially driving her new partner away. She felt invisible.


Jenny decided to get her hormones checked with Dr. Robyn at the Santa Fe Soul Center of Regenerative Medicine, in hopes she could gain her spark back.  But when she learned about the ART Experience, she decided to go all in and give her the youthful pick-me-up she's been needing.


  • A Hair Lift to stimulate growth and give more volume 

  • A PRP Natural Lift to fill sunken areas on cheeks for a full, youthful look. 

  • PRP procedure for arresting incontinence & improving sexual enhancement

  • Nutritional Infusion of Myers Cocktail, NAD and Glutathione

  • An Alpha Omega Body Scan & evaluation

  • Hormone Panel Analysis and Supplementation

  • Moxibustion therapy to stimulate circulation

Jenny no longer feels invisible and now has the confidence to walk through life with a little sass in her step.  She's enjoying a more active physical lifestyle with the  freedom of not having to to pee every 20 minutes. The best part is that Jenny discovered how mind-blowing sex could be in her 50's!  Today, she's happily back to playing her favorite conversation game of sharing her age with total strangers.



Entrepreneur power couple is the perfect term to describe Max and Marina.  With their successful online business and no children to raise, they spend their free time test driving the latest health and fitness releases by read the latest books, trying the latest fasts and following popular health influencers in hopes to get the edge in optimizing their health. 


When they realized they could combine a much needed holiday away from the grind of work, they started searching for a place that could give them the cutting edge regenerative therapies that would meet their desires.  


After listening to a podcast on Bulletproof Radio with Dave Asprey, they found Dr. Robyn. They were so delighted that  she spoke their language! They immediately booked a consultation  with her at the Santa Fe Soul Center of Regenerative Medicine, the three geeked out on all the ways they could optimize their human bodies.  By the time they hung up the phone, Max and Marina agreed to travel to Santa Fe and let Dr. Robyn customize a day just for them. 


  • Vampire Facial® and PRP Hair Lift for her

  • Prolozone® treatment in the knees for him 

  • P Shot for him & O Shot for her to Improve Sexual Function

  • Nutritional Infusion of Myers Cocktail, NAD and Glutathione

  • Alpha Omega Body Scan & Evaluation

  • His and Hers Gainswave® Sexual Enhancement

  • Theta Chamber for Restoring Brain Function

Today, Max and Marina feel like they have just added ten extra playful years of their life, full of sharp focus, sexual energy and vitality.  They return twice a year to Santa Fe Soul, Center for Regenerative Medicine to update their lifestyle therapy program with Dr. Robyn.

Receive a Custom Regenerative Lifestyle Plan Just for You.


Dr. Robyn Benson's first step will be to prescribe her signature Biomarker Blueprint Test Kit. She will then review your labs while intuitively tuning in to your body and create a personalized strategy depending on your needs. 


Not only will you walk away refreshed and renewed but you will also be equipped with the knowledge and plan for the next chapter of your life.



This powerful collection of powerful healing modalities called

A.R.T. - Amplified  Regenerative  Therapies

was designed to help you regain your quality of life, prevent disease and maintain a strong immune system all the while helping you become a walking model of youth and vitality.

When you visit the Santa Fe Soul for Regenerative Medicine, Dr. Robyn and her team will design a customized A.R.T. event, including innovative solutions to repair core imbalances and strategize a 
long-term wellness plan.




Reenergize damaged cells and tissues that reside in your joints, liver, brain and heart. Rejuvenating therapies such as Natural Face-lifts, Hair-lift, Joint Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP), IV therapies, Prolozone   and Ozone therapy are used to optimize your body. 



Increase your focus, break down the addiction code and boost your brain power by creating new neuro-pathways and
life-affirming habits.  Reconnect more deeply with your soul and cognitively exercise with cutting-edge therapies like the Theta Chamber. 



Celebrate your body and reclaim your sensual self with the most innovative sexual medicine technology, including scientifically proven sexual rejuvenation therapies and hormone supplementation. Feel the true sexual liberation you deserve!

A M P L I F I E D     R E G E N E R A T I V E      T H E R A P I E S 


"I came to Dr. Benson to recoup my mojo!

I've spent the last 20 years raising kids and doing everything for everybody else.  At Dr. Robyn's A.R.T. of Liberation for Women Retreat, I wanted to re-activate myself, remember who I am and connect to spirit. I released hidden anger I didn't know I had rejuvenated my whole self! The procedures I had done on my face, breast and sexual system were life changing!  I'm 53 now and I feel like a new woman!  I recommend everyone come and enjoy the beautiful healing experience. Now I'm ready to go help the world be a better place!"

Carrie, Durango, CO

"I really wanted to live a new life in my 50s!

I wanted to know how to reinvigorate and pull more energy into my life. I've learned a lot about the regenerative lifestyle, which to me was something foreign.  But now I am committed to this lifestyle! Dr. Robyn gave me the perfect reset, something that will help me create the life that I want moving forward. This was a turning point in my career and in my life."

Karrie, Santa Fe, NM

A M P L I F I E D     R E G E N E R A T I V E      T H E R A P I E S 


"I'm really focusing on my health and my body in a new way

I just turned 50, I'm getting a divorce, my daughter left for college and I had a death in the family. This A.R.T. experience really felt like something I wouldn't have even looked at years ago because it would have seemed too selfish. I'm so glad that I did this for me!! I really recommend it to anyone, any woman who is brave enough to really put herself first and try different regenerative therapies.  I feel like I am fully giving myself permission to feel joy. I feel this unbounded happiness for being alive and being in this particular body."

Juniper,  Santa Fe, NM

A M P L I F I E D     R E G E N E R A T I V E      T H E R A P I E S 


"Honestly, I did not think it could possibly bring an end to this torment.

I had given up hope and I regret putting this off for two years. I literally had urinary frequency 24/7 and that was really tough on the days I see 20 + patients.  I went to the bathroom right before and by the time I was on the table I needed to go again.  I was silently afraid I was going to pee during the procedure. By the time Dr. Robyn finished the fairly quick, thorough and painless procedure, I did not need to urinate.  I was in shock and I am so happy. It has been 3 months  and  it is a relief not to always be looking for bathrooms, and AMEN I don’t get up all night long."

Dr. W. C. Santa Fe, NM

“The O-shot does wonders for your woo-haa!" 

I was experiencing decreased sexual desire and bladder incontinence after having three babies. The O shot resolved both issues beautifully and I’m only three months post shot. It seems to be getting better and better as time goes on. Honestly having a bikini wax is more painful! Robyn’s O shot is something every woman should have done!”

Candice W. Albuquerque, NM

" Dr. Benson does an amazing job with people across the gender spectrum, helping reverse the clock on your sexual function so that you turn dysfunction into function."


Sexual Intimacy Coach and Media Host

  • The Status Quo is OVER!

    YOU are ready to take action! YOU are ready for new roots and wings to lift you up and live your best life today!

  • Spend time in a peaceful, healing, sacred space

    The Santa Fe Soul Center for Regenerative Medicine is a safe environment to work on identifying those ‘things’, big or small, that exhaust you, extinguished your spark, slow your body down, and make you feel energetically drained. 

  • Surround yourself with women who care

    Join this small group of pro-active women committed to self-care, who are ready to release their burdens to reinvent, regenerate and reignite!

  • Leave with a Future Plan for Success

    You will leave feeling uplifted, stronger, and empowered with a greater vision for your life, with effective tools to sustain your progress.


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  • Create a Personalized Care Plan

    During your consult, she will design a plan based on your specific needs and the three principles of her ART Experience. A fully customized VIP Day starts at $7000.

  • Come to Santa Fe Soul to Rejuvenate

    Fly to Dr. Robyn's world renowned Santa Fe Soul Center for Regenerative Medicine where you will be treated like royalty.  We have partnered with some of Santa Fe's finest hotels to give you a restorative experience. 

  • Leave with a Move Ahead Action Plan

    You will head home with a detailed plan on how to maintain your regenerative experience from home.

Start Your Life of Growing Younger Naturally Today! 


so clear things out of the way so it can heal itself.”

-Barbara Brennan



 Amplified Regenerative Therapies

Dr. Robyn's collection of regenerative therapies that will help you turn back the clock without going under the knife!

Discover the leading edge treatments that will help you grow biologically younger.  Regain quality of life, prevent disease and maintain a strong immune system, so you can live your best life in the body you have always dreamed of.

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